Growing Circle International Limited RC 1302155, is an online platform of which you can buy or sell, just like “”, “Amazon. com”, ””, “”, Etc.

But in, anything you buy or sell you make money, in the sense that 3% of that amount comes back to you as a member.

The first thing ” Benjamin Mueller “, a U.S. citizen, the owner of this wonderful company did when he came in to Nigeria was to Partner with Government, and they gave him “C.A.C.” (Corporate Affairs Commission), in 1st of December 2015.

Their main aim in Nigeria is to Eradicate Poverty, and also to Empower Youths because their Dreams and their Talents are Wasting away, after Dreaming of what they will Do or what they will Become in Life.

Because we are into Computer age, 21st Century, where everything now happens online, this company takes you free computer training, and free skill acquisition of your choice as a registered member in Growings Circle International Limited.

And if their is any business that you want to do, that needs money to finance, this company gives out any amount of money you request from them to do any establishment once you reach platinum stage without Collateral, no Interest, and no Time Limit of which you will bring the money back as a registered member in

There are so much money in this company because it is a “M.L.M.” (Multi Level Marketing) that have come to stay.